Should my business run a Brand Awareness Campaign?

To start, brand awareness describes the degree of recognition that your brand has among its audience. In other words, how popular is your brand to your target market? Good brand awareness is a major asset for your business. Not only does it build a competitive advantage but it also boosts the value of your products, increases trust, and makes marketing easier.

With that said, achieving brand awareness requires that you run a thorough brand awareness campaign. Your brand awareness campaign should focus on improving your company’s “recognizability” to your prospects and target customers. You should ensure that they get the right impression of your business. To do this promote your brand’s unique selling point and what makes it stand out from other competitors.

Below are some ways of creating an effective online brand awareness campaign:

  • Define Your Target CustomersYou should understand and define your target customers before rolling out a brand awareness campaign. To do this, evaluate your current customer base, including those who buy products or services from your brand and follow you on social platforms. Since they are people who have already identified with your brand, define them by evaluating their common characteristics.

Evaluate their needs, their problems, and how your brand helps them sort their needs. You should also do market research to know where they shop, your main competitors, and other details. Collecting this information will help you build your ideal customer profile, which you can use to guide your brand awareness campaign.

  • Focus on Platforms Mostly Used by Your Audience — Rolling out a general brand awareness campaign is expensive and ineffective. An effective campaign should not only target your ideal customers but also focus on the right online platforms. Simply put, you should identify where your target customers like hanging out online. Do they spend most of their time watching YouTube videos, posting on Facebook, or sharing pictures on Instagram?

Note that identifying these platforms also comes down to understanding your target audience. That said, choose one or two platforms and design a brand awareness campaign that suits these platforms. For instance, if you choose Instagram, share visually appealing photos, use Instagram stories, and IGTV regularly.

  • Use Media Monitoring Tools — One important aspect of increasing your brand awareness is being aware of the expectations from your target customers. Developing a long-lasting relationship with your customers will make it easy for your brand to thrive in a competitive environment. However, how do you listen to customers from various platforms simultaneously? To make it easy, consider using a media monitoring tool.

You should run at least two projects when using media monitoring tools for your brand awareness campaign. One project should monitor mentions about your brand, products, or services, while the other monitors topics within your industry.

If you are wondering how this increases brand awareness, monitoring tools ensure that you don’t miss important conversations that you can jump into. Through this, you can easily convert undecided customers or win over competitor’s customers by weighing in on important community discussions.


Many other tips, such as partnering with influencers, working with complementary brands, and showing your brand personality can improve your brand awareness. Additionally, consider improving customer experience, and engaging directly with your customers online. A successful campaign will enable you to stand out from competitors, increase customer loyalty, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

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